List of Services


All Facials are finished off with c-esta facial serum, transformation cream, a physical spf, hydrating eye gel, and a lip enhancement. An add on can be added to any of the facials.

Express Enzyme Facial | $65+

Perfect for a quick lunch time rejuvenation/relaxation. 30 minutes long. Includes a quick cleanse, hot towels, quick massage, & the one and only 'Skin Zyme' mask comb, moisturizer, and as always spf! 

Corrective Facial | $90+

Perfect for targeting certain skin concerns like fine lines/ wrinkles, dryness, and oily-ness. Includes a double cleanse, skin zyme mask combo, corrective mask customized to client, moisturizer, vitamin c, and spf! 45 mins long, includes hot towels, steam, and a 10 min massage which helps increase circulation resulting in better collagen production.

Acne Corrective Treatment| $105

The best option for someone who struggles with acne. Includes a double cleans, skin zyme & sulfur combo to help kill bacteria which causes p. acne. The retinol plus mask, extractions, and ice globes are also included to help reduce inflammation. This treatment is finished off with high frequency and is about an hour long. Hot towels, massage, and (herbal) steam are included. 

Ultimate Hydrating Treatment | $95

Leave with your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and with the best glow. Double cleanse, the ultra hydrating enzyme mask along with a few drops of the famous oxygenating cleanser are the best cocktail to help mask dry skin. This treatment also includes an application of the micro mask, steam, hot towels, and a massage which all help promote healthy cellular turn over. 1 hr long

The Face Lift Facial | $105

Instant lifting and firming results. Double cleanse with a hint of the oxygen cleanser to create blood circulation giving you your best glow! Combination of the super protein facelift masque and C-esta facial mask help tone, tighten, and brighten. Tightening and lifting massage techniques are done. Hot towels and steam are also included. The perfect facial to be done before an event. 45 mins - 1 hr .

The "Bliss" Treatment | $130

1 hour & 30 mins long of full bliss! This treatment is customized to the clients needs. 1 jelly mask with be applied a long with 2 other masks. Hot towels and herbal steam are included along with a hand massage while sitting in a corrective facial mask. The hand massage relieves tension, restores balance in the body, and increases the delivery of nutrients. (Make sure to let Jaz know when making your appointment if you'd like to include the hand massage.)

Holiday facials

Cozy Hot cocoa facial | $80

45 mins long of coziness! This facial pairs oxygenating and moisturizing ingredients that will leave dry, winter skin feeling spoiled as ever. A double cleanse, skin zyme duo, a client fav chocolate rescue cocktailed with an oxygenating cleanser. Great for all skin types and helps a variety of skin concerns. Steam and hot towels are included along with a massage.

Sugar Cookie facial | $80

45 mins long of sugary goodness. Resurfacing facial which includes the famous sugar cookie exfoliator. Paired with the c-esta face mask to help facial tone. Great for all skin types. Steam and hot towels are included along with a massage.

The "Grinch" | $80

45 mins long. A hydrating "Grinch Green" mask is applied with hints of oxygenating resurfacing agents. The "micro mask" which includes proteolytic enzymes is also included with steam, hot towels, and a massage.

Acne bootcamp | Price Varies 

Ages 14 and up please email Jaz for more info if, you think you are a candidate.


Dermaplaning | $20

A physical exfoliation method done to remove the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin) where all the dead skin builds up. Dermaplaning also removes all the facial hair called vellus hair. Leaving the skin hydrated, smooth, and glowy. Provides better product absorption, better makeup application, and gives your cell turnover rate a boost. 

Extractions | $10

High frequency | $15

Can be done as a solo service, a facial add-on, or even a waxing add on. A device that uses thermal energy to oxygenate the skin. Which then kills bacteria and increases circulation. 

Herbal Steam |$7

All natural mixture of organic herbs & flowers bringing a variety of nutrients and skin benefits to the skin leaving your skin glowing and healthy. All while producing a rejuvenating aromatherapy directly through the steam! $5 add on

Jelly masks | $25

 Gentle mask treatment that are a great way to manage and maintain the skins pH and hydration. Can be used for many skin concerns. All masks are organic, cruelty, and paraben free! $20 add on 


Brow wax | $15

Monthly brow wax | $12

Lip wax | $10

Full face wax | $40

Includes forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, lip, and chin.

Leg wax | $40

Hair removal from the knee to ankle. Cost includes both legs.

Arm wax | $35

Hair removal from the elbow to wrist. Cost includes both arms.

Underarm wax | $25

Brows and lashes

Brow tint | $30

Process where semi-permanent dye is applied to enhance, shape, and define brows. "Natural filed in look" Lasts up to 4 weeks on the brow hairs.

Brow tint add on to lamination | $20

Brow stain | $45

Hybrid tint semi-permanent stains the hair and skin. Perfect for those with little to no hair. Gives a " Darker filed in look" Lasts up to 2-3 weeks on the skin & hairs.

Brow stain add on to lamination | $25

Brow wax add on to henna or tint | $12

Brow Lamination | $65 

Relaxes the brows in an upward formation, giving the brows a fuller look and uniform shape.  Perfect for thinner brows. Trendy Look. Lasts up to 6 weeks.

Lash lift | $60

"Lash perm" Gives a beautiful lift and curl enhancing the size and shape of the eye. Lasts up to 8 weeks.

Lash tint | $20

Enhances the color of the lashes giving them a fuller look.